December 20, 2004

Table scraps:

HOW MUCH DID our ancestors stink? Pretty bad: Personal grooming, such as it was, focused entirely on appearances. People washed their faces and hands sometimes but refused to immerse their entire bodies except on doctors' orders.

TOO MANY PEOPLE don't know how to use quotations. Luckily, someone has put together a "gallery" of "misused" quotations to point out what should be the obvious "shortfalls" in other people's grammar.

IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS by accessing the internal computer of a Coke machine. Instructions (which I haven't tried myself, but plan to) are here.

THE INTERVIEW PORTION is simple. One contestant last year was asked, "What is your favorite color?" She responded, "chicken," and everyone laughed. A beauty pageant for mentally challenged women draws much enthusiasm, and some protest.

THOSE WHO LIVE here say the town has never before received such a powerful economic boost. Barceloneta, a small island in Puerto Rico where Viagra is made, enjoys a boost while giving old men a boost of their own.

WELL, HERE'S AN offer that's hard to refuse.

ANOTHER FUN GOOGLE bomb: Google the word "failure" and check out the first result. (And note the second -- the left is still ahead of the Google bomb game, but the right is quickly catching up.)

WHAT'S BETTER THAN a guy with an accordian playing old political jingles? Actually, don't answer that.

Posted by Jason Feifer at December 20, 2004 12:03 AM


Brian Dewan is going to be bigger than Jesus.

Posted by jesslane at December 20, 2004 03:58 PM