December 15, 2006

Table scraps:

I OFTEN WRITE snide things in the memo line of checks -- especially to Verizon, who I use (and hate) for cell phone service. It's usually stuff like "wasting my money" or "your service sucks." But here's something I can really admire:


Hats off to you, Randall! (Via this dude's livejournal.)

IT LOOKS LIKE you're reading a blog. Can I help you with that? It looks like you're reading a blog. Can I help you with that? It looks like you're reading a blog. Can I help you with that?

HAVE YOU EVER had one of those days where it's really windy -- I mean, like, hurricane-strength windy -- and people are hanging on to stuff for dear life, and you just want to fling them away? No? Uh, neither have I. But in the meantime, you can try it out anyway.

I PLAYED NINTENDO'S Wii for the first time this week, and was really impressed. It responds to your movements really well, and has made gaming a lot more interactive. Amusingly, it's made it a little too interactive for some people, who are accidentally throwing their controllers. Nintendo apparently has noticed.

I HAD A little talk with former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn, in case you care about such things.

THE WORDPLAY ALONE sells this thing.

SALES AT iTUNES are apparently tumbling, and that makes me happy. Buying digital music is absurd enough as it is, but buying digital music that can only play on one machine is like burning money.

IF YOU HATE Darwinism, you're surely going to hate this: There's a scientific explanation for why people see Virgin Mary in pieces of toast. It's called pareidolia, "the perception of patterns where none are intended."

Posted by Jason Feifer at December 15, 2006 12:46 PM


My friend told me yesterday that her great aunt was actually buffeted over backwards by the wind in Stevenage. I didn't think that happened over here.

Posted by Izzie at December 15, 2006 02:12 PM

Weirdly, I love the Microsoft office helper. This might be because I have changed it from the irritating paper clip to the far less annoying red dot with a smiley face. I had no idea until fairly recently that you could choose different options.

Posted by Kristin at December 18, 2006 12:23 PM