April 10, 2007

Table scraps:

OBAMA IS FOND of riling up church crowds by saying, "If Cousin Pookie would vote, if Uncle Jethro would get off the couch and stop watching SportsCenter and go register some folks and go to the polls, we might have a different kind of politics." So, uh, who exactly is Cousin Pookie?

SPACE IS FUN... if you're drunk, stoned, easily amused, bored at work, etc. (And speaking of pot, which the last link really isn't speaking about at all, Australia has some pretty funny anti-pot ads.)

SAID THE JOKER: "This emphasis on boners has given me an idea for a new adventure in crime!" It's just one of many unintentionally funny panels from old comic books.

IT'S A FUN evening, and you take an innocent picture with a guy, post it on the Internet, and then, well, the Internet does its thang. (Thanks, George!)

THINK JENNIFER ANNISTON is hot? Not after this. (Thanks, Misa!)

THIS TRAILER FOR a movie called "Hobo With a Shotgun" may be fake, but I'm pretty sure I've seen this movie, with different names and different actors, about 10 times already. (Thanks, Chris!)

AND THEN THERE'S this video about "The Dollar Store," my friend Jon's reading series in Chicago. If you're out there, go!

Posted by Jason Feifer at April 10, 2007 08:56 AM


A 'Pookie' is also the mischeivious spirit refered to in the film 'Harvey' (jimmy stewart), the 6ft+ white rabbit, an imaginary and somewhat dubious friend to the eponymous hero.

In Irish folklore it is a not always benign spirit that takes animal (or whatever is most beneficial) form and plays havoc with the populace.

Personally, I think in this case it's just another sound bite.. and I'm bored already.

At least it's better than the ongoing BLAIR'v'BROWN nonsense over here..

I think they should just do a 'I'm a ship-wreck/survivor/celebrity, get me out of here' contest...or maybe 'Britains next top superpolitician'.
Then I could ignore them properly.

Posted by Kate at April 10, 2007 04:51 PM

Both the Pookie and the unintentional funny comic panels links were tremendous.

Posted by Katal at April 10, 2007 07:47 PM