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Jason Feifer
is editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine, and host of two podcasts: Pessimists Archive (iTunes, site), about the history of unfounded fears of innovation, and Problem Solvers (iTunes, Libsyn), about how entrepreneurs solve unexpected problems in their business.

He was previously an editor at Fast Company, Men's Health, Maxim, and Boston, and has written for New York, ESPN, Slate, GQ, New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, and others. He lives in Brooklyn, and makes viral sites such as, Heat Fan Sounds, Selfies at Funerals, and Bad NBA Songs.

Jason is available to keynote events, conduct fireside chats, and moderate panels about business, how to get press for your business, and other subjects of interest to entrepreneurs.

Speaking, media requests, other inquiries: jasonfeifer at gmail dot com
Specifically related to Entrepreneur: jfeifer at entrepreneur dot com
Twitter: @heyfeifer

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Editor's Letter series: How the Media Works
Want press for your business? Do it for the right reasons.
To grab an editor's attention, think about yourself differently.
You may not be the story, but you can be part of the story.
How one little company scored a big magazine spread.

The Impractical Jokers Are Being Very Practical | They're four friends who earn a living making each other uncomfortable. And that makes them the greatest lesson in teamwork.

Why It's Nearly Impossible To Stop This Amazon and eBay Scheme | You make a product. You try to sell it. Then hundreds of thousands of people hijack the process. Welcome to the weird underground of online arbitrage.

How Giphy Became The Internet's Go-To Gif Brand | Giphy is taking on the biggest, weirdest challenge online today: How to become the center of a new kind of internet culture.

Why Dogfish Head Brewing Scaled Back Its Most Popular Product | It seemed crazy at the time, but the strategy paid off.

How One Man Makes Serious Money From Funny Products |  Peter Boychuk was mocked for buying the viral for $85,000. Then he turned glitter into gold.


On the Road With the Unluckiest, Most Unloved Team in Professional Baseball | They have no stadium. No fans. No home field. Who would sign up for this? The guys who need it most.

Innovation Undercover series:

Kaiser PepsiCo
Future of Healthcare / Potato Chip Secrets

Weekly video series:

29th Floor Millennials 29th Floor Words
The Millennial Myth / Brand Word Abuse

29th Floor Uber 29th Floor Alex
Apologize Like Uber / Worst Corporate Tweets


The Amazon Whisperer | On the trail of a mysterious online company that has cracked the secret to making products people want.

80 Million Americans Have Never Heard of Hummus | That's hummus company Sabra's biggest challenge. We hit the road with their food trucks, as they convince snackers to dip for the very first time.

Death to Corporate Selfies! | Why clueless brands can't resist internet memes—and why they should.

Offices For All! | Why open-office layouts are bad for employees, bosses, productivity, and me.

Who's That Woman In The Twitter Bot Photo? | They're sometimes called "bimbots"—the army of Twitter bots with pretty profile pictures. Who are the women pictured in those photos? This is the story of the quest to find out.

Axe's Highly Scientific, Typically Outrageous, Totally Irresistible Selling Of Lust How do you engineer a virtually unbeatable grooming product for men—and now women—that promotes passion? The answer isn't in the chemistry. It's in the market research.

How to Lead A Creative Life | Infographic: The complete guide to coaxing out your inner genius.

The Predecessor To Google Books, Facebook Graph Search, and—In The Early 1900s | In 1913, a visionary group left a time capsule that we were supposed to open right now, in January 2013. This is the story of how we lost it—but how we fulfilled their dreams anyway.

ESPN mag

The French Connection | For 24 years, Steve Stoloff has recorded nearly every Miami Heat game and mailed the tapes and DVDs to his brother Gary in southern France. It's brought them closer than ever.

Think Before You Ink | The Islanders are opening a tattoo parlor inside Nassau Coliseum—but the team is also rumored to be leaving town. So what happens if you get an Islanders logo, and then the Islanders cease to be?

Kareem's Personal Collection, On Its Way Out | Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has kept hundreds of mementos from his career. But he may be ready to let them all go.

New York mag

The Everything Guide to the Urban Daredevil | Those Germans who pulled the white-flag stunt atop the Brooklyn Bridge aren't the only rush-seeking lunatics pushing the legal limits of this city. Here, a five-page package of personal tales of derring-do, plus a few less-life-threatening thrills that (probably) won't get you arrested.

How Gross Are Your Flip Flops? | Our writer traipses around the city, then swabs his feet for science.

The Everything Guide to Sleep | Diagnosing five problem sleepers, what 93 hours awake does to your face, know your sleep inhibitors, the sleeping habits of geniuses, quick-fix sleep aids, and a conversation with a lucid dreamer.

How Dating Ghostwriters Work | A peek inside the burgeoning Cyrano-for-hire industry, as two people's online dating profiles get a rewrite.

Too Cool For Dancing | The Brooklyn Nets blow off its biggest Jersey fan.

How Bad Is Your Breath? | A new-to-New York gadget promises an honest assessment. So to test its capabilities, not to mention the effectiveness of a dozen gums, mints, and other maskers, our writer soiled his mouth with garlicky onion dip and coffee, then exhaled. He's judged twice: first by the breathalyzer, then by his wife.

Speech! Speech! | Most newlyweds take the mike at some point during their nuptials, often delivering overly sappy soliloquies. Don't be that couple. This fill-in-the-blank outline will keep you on track. (Published in New York Weddings.)


English Needs a Word for the Relationship Between Your Parents and Your In-Laws | Yiddish has one: It's "machatunim." So why don't we?

So Brad Pitt Ate A Slice . . . | One year later, how the pizza place Ellen ordered from at the 2014 Oscars parlayed its three minutes of fame.

It's Time To Speak Up Against The Overuse Of "Speaks Out" | The overused phrase doesn't mean what the media thinks it does.

The Restorative Power of Showgirls | How 1995's greatest cinematic bomb is finding new life onstage—and giving new life to a wounded actress.


Let's Sell Some Shit To These Millennials | A guide to marketing to the youths.

Is This a Selfie? | All selfies are photos. Not all photos are selfies. Let's clear this up.

Strongman Training Helps Burt's Son Get to First Base | Athletes from a wide variety of sports, and from high school to the pros, have come to embrace strongman workouts as a new level of training.


I Worked Out Like My Wife For A Month, And Only Collapsed Twice | What's it like being the only guy in a fitness class full of women? As one man learned, that's not the hard part.


How to Old-Proof Your Body (While You're Still Young) | You know all those aches and pains that geezers gripe about? They didn't start when the guys were 50—and they're not inevitable. You can stave off the bum knees, the bad back, and the pair of old-man C-cups as long as you're willing to put in a little effort now, when everything still works.

Surrender Caucus of the Year: Miami Heat Fans | In game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals, with their team behind, hundreds of Heat ticket holders—living up to their rep as half-assed fans—left early, missing Miami's epic comeback. We caught up with a father-son team, Ricky and Andre Wade, who were caught on film in the act of leaving. (Item was part of 2013's "Men of the Year" issue.)

Obama's funeral selfie is a fitting end to my Tumblr, Selfies at Funerals | The Mandela memorial selfie elicited much righteous indignation. But like the teens on my site, these leaders are merely using a new visual language to express mixed emotions.

A Matter of Taste (And How I Lost Mine) | Our man lost his sense of smell in childhood. Since then, food has been flavorless. So he went on a quest—one that can teach you a whole new way to enjoy what you eat

Heat Transfer |  How does Matt Damon sustain his string of successes? With a lot of help from friends like costar Emily Blunt—and just maybe a little talent of his own. (Cover story, March 2011)

Ride Your Wave |  Josh Holloway spent 6 years playing Sawyer on Lost. He loved it—and he's making sure he won't play him ever again. (Cover story, June 2010)

How Long Do You Last? | Not since Viagra has a prescription medication held so much potential to affect the sex lives of American men. Here's why that could hurt you.

Use Failure As Fuel | Larry Fitzgerald almost won the Superbowl. He won't quit until he's finished the job.

Coach Yourself to a Championship | Paul Pierce overcasme every obstacle in his way. Each one made him work harder.

Boldly Go! | Star Trek's Chris Pine was looking for a challenge. Then two of them arrived. Making the decision helped him clarify his goals—and changed his career. (Cover story, May 2009)

Women's Health

Imagine If You Couldn't Smell A Rose... | Your nose governs your appetite, summons childhood memories, and influences dating decisions. Except when it doesn't. Women whose olfactory systems have short-circuited reveal what it's like to navigate life without one of the most powerful senses.

The Amber Wave | Don't be deceived by the sexy blonde hair and killer bod. Actress Amber Heard is a whip-smart, strong-willed woman who may just bend all of Hollywood to her will. (Cover story, Dec 2011

Popular Mechanics

The Technological Miracle That Is Air Conditioning | Nobody should have to acclimate to 90 degrees. But for most of human history, we did. So let's take a moment to reflect on the ubiquitous, under-appreciated power of the A/C, without which modern life would be impossible.

Why You Should Learn To Love Ham Radio | "This is KD4DYV," I said, announcing my ham-radio call sign for the first time in twenty years. "Can anyone hear me?"


The Greatest Show on Turf | There's clowning around, of course. But keeping a small family circus thriving in America is a high-wire act of faith and will.


I Wanted to Shame an Accused Con  Man. I Didn't Realize How Much Power I Had Over Him | When does someone have right to be forgotten online?

I Don't Smell a Thing | When your nose doesn't work right, it's hard to tell chocolate from Vicks VapoRub. Maybe that's not so bad.

Patient Pioneers | For patients involved in historic, first-ever medical procedures, there's no such thing as keeping a low profile.

Paying Big to Be A Donor | Giving an organ can be costly. Would a tax break cross a moral line?

Combat Zone | There's no neutral ground in war of information about Lyme disease

Sex therapy on call | Some clients too ashamed or uncomfortable for in-person therapy are getting treated for sexual problems via phone and computer. (with sidebar)

Missing ingredients | Ingredients on natural personal care products' "contains no" lists may not cause harm; they may simply be victims of Web-fueled health scares.


The professor of smoochology | How a nebbishy ex-academic who keeps changing his name wound up traveling around the country convincing total strangers to kiss onstage.

What do women want? | Most everything, according to a new study that shows women are more aroused by more forms of erotica than men.

From the halls of Montezuma to the whores who give for free | A Nevada brothel's offer of free sex to U.S. troops who fought in Afghanistan or Iraq is a quirky reminder of just how closely tied the military is to prostitution.


Accidental Bedmates | When I crashed at my friend's place, she shared more than just her sheets.



The Prince Is a Pauper | William Lobkowicz left Boston for the Czech Republic with dreams of reclaiming his family's stolen royal fortune. Turns out, that's been the easy part.

Loony Tunes | With Taj Tunes, Cambridge businessman Dave Hui has outsourced the singing telegram. The songs are hysterical--as long as you don't think about what you're really laughing at.

Duck, Duck... Lawsuit! | With a new competitor roiling the waters, the business of toting around boatloads of quack-happy tourists has turned downright cutthroat. And the legal fight's not the half of it.


History and all that jazz | How did a tiny town in Massachusetts begin producing successful jazz players, and become a regular performance spot for some of the best players in history?

Turning the tables | Competetive table tennis players are banding together, and they're always looking for company. Just don't say the words "ping pong."

Pumping more than iron | It may not sound like much fun to flip an 800-pound tire or pull a Mack Truck, but a growing group of athletes think of these tasks as exciting competition -- and, they say, a great way to work out.


At the car dealership: fighting back | After I bought a car, I felt taken advantage of. I decided to get even, and found revenge is a dish best served at a Honda dealership.

Jeans that look even better on the floor | Sex sells. We get it. But a French clothing company named Shai is taking that adage to a whole new level.

Together forever online | At a time in which personal value may be measured online -- as people obsessively Google themselves or tally friends on MySpace -- its perhaps inevitable that love requires digital consummation as well.


Island Hopping | Australia's Kangaroo Island is teeming with wallabies, koalas and, of course, its namesake. (with sidebar)

Destination Weddings

Modern Love | What happens when vendors try to take your wedding over the top? Our groom shares his experience and how to keep your big day your own.



Leaders of the hip-hop nation | A list of prime suspects.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese | A small review in the weekly "Reviews of new food" section. Just scroll down -- it's there somewhere.

Miscellaneous books

Time Out Boston | I wrote multiple chapters for this travel book.

60 Seconds to Shine: 221 One-Minute Monologues for Men | A book for actors that reprinted my "Philadelphia Cream Cheese" bit, originally published in McSweeney's.


The Morning News

The Stitch Service | Big scoops don't often happen to little towns, so when a delegation arrives from Ukrania, you can bet it's front-page news.

Early Broadcasting | What happens when a ten-year-old enters the ranks of ham-radio enthusiasts and Dirty Old Men? The author remembers his friends, his call letters, and his place in broadcast history. No ham or ham-product punnery included.

The Word You Dare Not Spell | Whatever Kaavya Viswanathan's legacy, she has inspired us to take pleasure in others' smisfortune. And as there happens to be a word that means just that -- schadenfreude -- many writers have been more than happy to remind us of it.